Friday, 13 January 2012


So far I have completed two full outfits in toiles. I have also made sure these fit the models and are comfy and easy for them to move around in, the freedom to move is important to my collection as they are flowing down the runway in a balletic dance style instead of the normal walk.

The outfits finished to date are:

*Robyn - Hooded cape,
              - Leotard,
              - Pallazo trousers.

finished outfit

*Nicola -strapless empire line dress.
img does NOT show finished garment.(Cant not find finished garment image)

The Nicola dress was about 2 inches to big across her back, however, I'm not going to make any changes to the patterns until closer to the time as she is currently dieting and planning to lose weight, meaning I will only have to alter them again closer to manufacturing the outfit in final fabric. So to save time I will re-fitt and re-measure her and then make any alteration needed when this time comes. 

At this moment in time I'm unsure whether to start another toile or to create the Robyn outfit in final fabrics to fully complete this models needs. Then to move on to another toile and repeat the process of toile, final fabric until all the outfits are completed with only the Nicola dress left to alter.

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