Thursday, 12 April 2012


So far we have raised about £1524.14 this is only a quarter of what we need to raise however we have £4500 from the sales of tickets last year. so far thats £6024.14 we still need to raise another £1500 to cover the cost of everything, however this year we are trying to lower some of the costs by doing things ourself like bringing wine in or making the table decorations/ reusing the cake stands from last year this alone will save about £100 alone just using the cake stands again.

coming up we have more bag packs and a sponsored run/walk as well as our little project, which consists of making and selling tees, skirts and bandeaus. we will probably have more fancy dress days and fun days to come to, and if the weather stays nice we could hold a car wash.

on going atm we have a raffle for some body care and bath care items i am also putting together an email to send out to large well known brands for anything that we can raffle off eg, bags, jewellery or accessories.

ill keep you posted .

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