Wednesday, 5 October 2011

life after death.?

For my holiday homework I knew exactly what I wanted to research into as soon as I received the brief. "Life after death" and what different cultures and religions believe to happen to our souls after we pass over to the land of the dead, as well as how we can connect to spirit and interact with them as well as what other people I know believe about spirits, ghosts and angels.  To start with I researched into heaven and hell as that is what many people all over the world believe we either go to heaven, if we have lived a sin free life or get dragged to hell if we have committed many awful sins through out our life time on earth. The four main culture is researched into were, Ancient Egyptian, Pagan, Buddhism and Native American Indian. For each culture/religion I pacifically researched into their own beliefs and rituals to do with the passing over of a spirt and death in general. This then lead me on to looking into Native American Indian Totem animals and my own personal totem animals and their meanings. After researching into the Buddhist culture I realised how important meditation was to them. And me being one for trying new things I asked my psychic teacher if she can guide my group on some meditations, To which she was pleased to do so. So once I had taken part in 3 meditations I noted down all that I could remember and found images that were similar to where I was ,what I saw and felt.

After my meditations i was intrigued with sprits, my guide Alice and angels which pushed me to research deeper into these subjects to which I found out that Alice my guide is my Grandad's great aunt. I already live in a haunted house which some people find weird and a bit scary but to be honest its like having extra family around all the time to me. I researched deeper into my house history and invited a spiritual medium around to investigate the spirits to which I found out a lot about the 7 spirits living along side me.(And i wouldn't change them for the world)

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