Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Spring/Summer 2013.

For my collection I wanted to design for Spring /Summer 2013 as I feel my researched theme would link better with this fashion season better then Autumn/Winter or any other seasons with in the fashion year.

The main trends for S/S 2013 are :

* Head to toe white,
-All in white clean lines and minimal detailing bring out the modern feel of less is more.A clutter free wardrobe is equal to a clutter free life.
(img:laura hughes )
* Skin and bones,
- The shapes and colours are muted to reflect our own skin and bones and the importance of them for life.
(img: fashion council )
* The simple life,
- Going back to nature  and the old days, with dusky greens,blues and browns with a hint of yellow. mainly crochet and knit wear with embroidered detailing.
(img:hahoy )
* Harsh Glamour,
- reflective surfaces and minimal lines going back to the 1950's for inspiration yet throwing away all the obvious link to that era. 

* Light Knit,
- Small and large sized thin knit. Great for layering and draping on all body shapes and sizes.

Although the list above are the main trends i wanted to look deeper into what trends normally show there faces in the spring summer season theses trends are:

* Wedding,
-typical summer wedding.with head to toe white with small flower and crystal detailing with netted under skirts and lace over coats. Bustiers, halter necks sleeveless or sporting the full length sleeve you just cant go wrong.

* Ballett,
-feminine and girly movement. with soft structure and movement all rolled up together to create a classical ballet style.leotards and chiffon shirts of various lengths and fullness.

- a trend dedicated to the movement and flow of the body against the spring, summer breeze. in shades of blue, black and white.

Initially I am attacked to the trends of Head to toe white, Ballet and Chiffon. I believe these trends would merge with my research and theme easily and would compliment each other and become designs and garments harmoniously.

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