Wednesday, 5 October 2011

inspire me ...

(img: my own)
The wall in front of my personal space in university has recently been hidden my by inspirational images for my collection. I believe that by covering the wall directly in front of me I lower the chance of me getting distracted whilst designing, therefore my designs should all be coherent, which in time will give my collection a natural flow. Through out this year I highly expect some new images to appear on this wall and some to sadly disappear as my design direction may slightly change and alter depending on where I feel the strong ideas lie and what works well and is in keeping with my research and my chosen trends for spring/summer 2013.

As you can see my inspiration at this current moment in time with in this brief is strongly leaning towards Chiffon, and the movement and flow of the fabric which links well with the themes of spirits and there movements and blurry shapes. Along with Ballet with the ever so classical girly style of soft structuring from the leotards, tutus and skirts. With a hint of corsetry for harsh structure.

I'll keep you updated on the ever changing inspirational wall. So keep your eyes open !!

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