Monday, 10 October 2011

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Welcome to the blog Holly Willoughby, I decided to have holly Willoughby as my muse and ideal target customer as she oozes femininity yet with a sexy edge, however she isn't scared to wear something a tad risky, as on the rare occasions likes to push the boundaries with some edgier dresses which have the low necklines and  the odd backless numbers that have caused some controversy, especially some of the dresses she has adorned on the T.V show "Dancing On Ice". Personally I don't see anything wrong with any of the dresses that have apparently caused trouble, If she feels gorgeous and feminine then I don't see whats wrong...Wouldn't any girl like to feel sexy and confident in what they wear, even if it doesn't hit the ok box with the odd person?  I know I would!!

I strongly believe that Willoughby would love to wear some of my designs that will be coming from my theme and concept as I want them to have a feminine and girly side with an edgy twist similar to her personal style. I really want to work with floaty billowing satins and chiffons that always give an outfit a true feminine feel with the soft, blurry lines and the flowing movement it creates when being worn.

Once I have completed my designs and narrowed them down to my final 6 I'll post them up so you can see them and let me know if you think Holly Willoughby would wear them.

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