Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Half term thoughts...

Over half term I decided to take the time and come up with my 60 designs that my chosen 6 outfits for my collection will be taken from. To create these designs I focused on six bits of my research these being:
1. Alice as I see her,
2. Alice as others see her,
3. Harold,
4. Angelic,
5. Meditation,
6. Ballet.
For each section I tried to keep in mind my chosen trends and my target customer as well as soft structuring and flow as this seems to be my customer style. I have an Idea of which designs I would like to create for my collection but want to get the opinion of a tutor first as they will be able to tell me if they think the collection will flow from outfit to outfit. As soon as I have spoken to a tutor I will post images of my final 6 outfits for my collection for you all to see!!

  I was also looking at ideas and inspiration that might help me create my portfolio that links with my final collection. I want to try and stick to the trend  of all in white, and think of my portfolio as a sort of advertisement campaign instead of just a portfolio.

 1. My first idea was to keep the backgrounds earthy and natural with an effect like recycled paper, Where the recycled paper would portray my concept of "life after death" as it has been used once and is on its second life span now it has been recycled.

2. Just to keep it simple and minimal with a plain white background with some soft shading on the text and one or two images that portray the concept/ idea easily. This idea is about seeing clearly as I believe that when you pass over into the light you see your life and things as clearly as possible.

3. Similar to the second idea in the way of minimal text and only using the necessary amount of images needed to get the concept across. however the background would be a mix of soft white clouds from heaven with the odd floating white feather from an angel wing. Portraying the next realm after life, passing through the light into a heaven/ angelic like location.

To help  me decide I might create a board using each idea to see which one I believe looks the best and portrays my ideas well. Again it might help me to talk to a tutor to take there opinion into consideration.

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