Thursday, 8 December 2011

friends or competition ??

After sitting though the Foundation fashion clans presentation I went away thinking how different our collections are yet so similar in some aspects. Dawn, Hannah, Dylan, Dee and I all have some sort of corsetry within our collections, whether it be an actual corset or corset inspired bustier. Natalie and Tanya have similar detailing with in there collection with crystal encrusted lace trims. Mikey and Charlotte have focused on patterns and surface texture and making that the main focus on the garments.

It has made me want to work even harder to make my collection stand out from the rest I know this might sound Selfish but its a dog eat dog world out there in the fashion industry and i want this career. If i work hard and do all that i can do and someone's collection stands out more and works well together then at least i know i've put 100% into my own work and done all that i can do.

 It has turned friends and class mates into some sort of competitors for the top grades and best collection.Is this healthy competition or am i looking at this from the wrong angel?

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