Thursday, 8 December 2011

Collection Presentation.

Image used to portray my collection concept.

Today I presented my collection to the rest of the foundation fashion clan. For my presentation I created a 24 slide power point presentation along with 4 boards showing my concept image, my target market and two boards showing my colour choices of white. To start with I talked through my slides explaining where my collection idea and concept began and my initial research into my theme of Life after death and the afterlife. I them moved on to describing my chosen customer of Holly Willoughby. After explaining why I had chosen her as my muse I continued on to talking through my chosen 6 final designs and explaining the inspiration behind each design and how they linked as a collection as well as showing what fabrics i wish to use for each one, To help show the fabrics choices I displayed some of the fabric samples I have sourced for my final collection. I also wanted to show my USP (unique selling point) of the garment giving crystal therapy and healing because of the embellishment of clear quartz crystals which could be changed for any other healing crystal depending on the wearers needs I also wanted to show my ideal styling for my collection, so I talked about hair styles and make up ideas that would fit within my concept. To finish the slide show presentation I displayed my basic range plan and a basic illustration of my collection that I created on photoshop. Once I had finished with the slides I went on to talk about my toile and objects I had on display on the table ( my sketchbook, design book, fabric samples, clear quartz crystals, pointe shoes and a small selection of boards,) to conclude my collection presentation I played a song which I am thinking about using for the fashion show.

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