Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tutorial with will.

On friday the 2nd of December 2011  former college student to mid cheshire college William Tempest came back home from London to give a lecture on how he made it big and his journey to success. As well as giving the lecture William Tempest gave a selected few a one on one tutorial and lucky me was chosen for one of the slots.

From his lecture I took pages of notes away with me about things that I need to be successful at and work towards if I want to make it in this idustry. I found out that most of the time it's about who you know more then what you know which I questioned to myself as surely knowing more about what your doing is going to make you better at you job, but the reality is if you don't know anyone in the industry you will find it hard to even get a job in the first place!!

I found Wil so down to earth and welcoming, that it was quite a relaxed tutorial were we sat down at a pattern cutting table with my work spread out in front of us and we casually went through my current work and chatted about my future plans and chosen designs for my end of year final major project fashion show next June. Before my tutorial with Wil I had chosen my final 6 outfits for fashion show with the help of Bruce and Susan, however, after looking through my sketchbook and designs book Wil persuaded me to re-think some of them and think about pushing others one step further so that people remembered them instead of just saying how nice they looked. He encouraged me to push for what I wanted on the catwalk like for instance the presence of a wolf like husky (which Wil thought would be an amazing idea!! that's one more for my petition ) Although he liked my chosen designs we talked about others which would add more of a presence to the collection also by altering some of the softer fabrics for harsher fabrics such as Stingray leather or kid leather to enhance the corset and body-con aspects of the designs, by doing these few changes it would add more of a sex appeal to my oh so feminine floaty collection.

I now have to change my chosen designs and research into stingray leather. Good job he liked the design I was half way through toiling!!

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