Tuesday, 13 December 2011

planning ahead.

Tonight I was looking at universities to go to after completing this course from the many that I looked at only two really stood out at me as places I could see myself studying at and enjoying it. These places are Central Saint Martins and the University of Westminster. Both these universities have the course BA Honours in Fashion Design Womenswear that I want to apply for.

Pros to both the unis' are that they are in or close to the fashion hub of the UK, London. Central Saint Martins is located right in the centre of the city and you could hop on a tube or catch a bus to any were I needed to visit for research or supplies. Westminster is located just out side the city centre so the cost of living would be cheaper, To get into london it would only be a short train ride or a couple of busses.

The cons to both are that if I was to go to Central Satin Martins it would be expensive to live and work in the city centre as nothing is cheap in London as it is but to be honest I would have to cost up the price of living properly to get a good idea all i know now is that for a basic uni hall with a shared bath room its £85-£95 per week and if I wanted an en-suit in my room it would be £100- £120 per week ( I'd be living there for around 50 week so add that up and its quite a lot of money.) Also Central Saint Martins only give out 20 places for the course yet 4000 will apply for it so there is a slim chance of getting in.Westminster would be cheaper as its not in the city centre, however, I don't know how much cheaper as they have not listed prices on there website. The cons to westminster would be the travelling in and out of london for research proposes as they have already stated within the course details that they work closely with businesses within london.

Both courses are £9000 a year which is average for a fashion course.

To be honest with you as much as I have always wanted to go to Central Saint Martins I like the look of Westminster more yet I have always wanted to go Central Saint Martins... Oh the choices!!! Need to get everything together to apply for them first. I'll keep you updated on my progress throughout the year.

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