Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Out of the four of us (me, Sarah Barron, Leonie Dury and Natalie Morris) I was the second person to go into be interviewed. I was surprised at how relaxed I was as normally I get quite panicky and work myself up, but this time I felt chilled out and ready for the interview, well if you could call it an interview... more like a friendly chat whilst flicking through my work. Sam Hudson the head of fashion at Kirklees took my interview/ chat and for the most of it we chatted about my interest in the paranormal and all things spirit and crystal based. We briefly spoke about my work then back to the spirit topic. Sam did hold up a few of my garments i thought it was weird that she didn't ask for them on a mannequin but said to lay them on the table instead. (maybe this was just for quickness of getting through everyone so we didn't take up time getting the garments on and off mannequins.) 

I was pleased that she wants me to continue with my concept of the afterlife and all things paranormal and spirit based for my year at Kirklees (Yes that means I got a conditional offer on the course, so long as I hit a 60% grade or above!!! woop woop) This means a lot to me that she thinks my chosen concept it worth spending two years researching and working on as its a subject that is close to my heart and that i am continuously learning about. Sam also mentioned that the use of crystals therapy and healing in the garments is slight new age hippy but personally i see it as going back to the old ways of healing people. We spoke about how this would work in the industry as between us we couldn't think of any brand/ fashion house that has done this yet therefore finding my own little gap in the market for elegant healing garments for the modern woman! 

At the end of my 30 ish minuet interview/chat Sam said something that has never been said to me before....

" You are a very interesting person, in a sort of interesting way "

Is that a good thing ? I hope so ...

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