Tuesday, 29 May 2012

behind the scenes.

location showing sections 1 and 2 

location showing section 2

location showing section 1

close up of section 1 ( Kalvin one of the photographers)

location showing section 3

hair : Amy , make up : Lucinda , models: Chloe and Alyssia

Amy and Chloe having a laugh while getting ready.

Chloe at the beginning of the shoot. 

photographers Ollie and Kalvin doing test shots and moving clamps and equipment. 

getting into the swing of things. 

Tim and Jay, looking after the manly jobs like the generator !

assistant photographers, make up stylist, hair stylist, runner s and model all standing in the wings waiting for direction.

Kalvin direction chloe on the shoot.


Aylissia in section 2. beginning of her shoot outfit 1.

Kalvin messing with lighting and settings on the shoot.

Me and Kalvin one of the photographers.

Chloe outfit 1.

Chloe outfit 1.

Kalvin directing Chloe.
The shoot was a big success and everyone pull it off .The hair and make up was amazing and the models worked their bums off to show off the outfits the best they could. To everyone that helped out bringing things to and from and running the models about I cant thank you all enough.

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