Thursday, 24 May 2012

photo shoot.

I now have a location date and time set for my photo shoot problem is i cant find models, hair or makeup stylists that are free to help. every time someone says they are free to get involved they end up pulling out for various reasons. This is frustrating as i have everything else set in place i've the photographer, lighting wind machine smoke machine and a generator to run it all. If worst come to worst i will have to do the hair and make up myself and call in a massive favour from my sister to model for me.

Although i have used my sister before in photo shoots she hasn't got the skeletal look that i wanted for this shoot she is a tall curvy size 12,  where as, ideally i wanted a tall skinny size 8 if possible even smaller. All my clothes are a size 10-12 but i could clamp them in for the shoot making them look like they fit the model properly.

my hair style is quite simple. i want the hair to be crimped then put up into a oversized ballet bun on top of the head. i could do this myself the i would have loved to get someone in to do it for me, as then i could over see the entire shoot and not have to worry about having to fix and redo the hair.
 My ideal makeup is quiet avent guard, i wanted to make the models look very pale and porcelain doll like. if i cant find a makeup artist that is willing to work for free or as cheap as possible then i will have to do the make up myself  and as i'm no expert in make up styling i will  have to change the look slightly to a dark red lip and slightly smoky eyes.

my location is : St Helens church witton northwich.
date: 26th may 2012.
time : sart setting up at 6 shoot into the night.

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