Thursday, 3 May 2012


 Stephanie dress ( above)  is now being called the ALICE DRESS as thats what everyone seems to call it anyway. So it makes more sense to change the name to stop confusion. Im glad to say after battling with the cuffs for most of the morning today this dress 95% complete with only the buttons and some hand sewing of crystals to make it fully completed!! i'm going to bring it home this week to hand sew the crystals, then i will need guidance from Bruce to help me create the button holes as i have never used this machine before, but ill keep you informed with how that goes!! In the images above i have shown where the corset will be thanks to the help of hannah's black corset, the corset for this outfit is in white and will be embellished with clear quarts on the front 4 panels, with bleached white stingray leather covering the back 4 panels. I'll post an image once the corset is complete.

The two images above show the cape and trousers from the Robyn outfit. The cape is being hand finished as you read this with a line of clear quarts crystals lining the scolloped edge, The trousers need to be fitted before I attach the zip,waist band and hem them, I don't want to ruin the fit by altering these later on. I will aim to get them fitted this weekend then I can finish the trousers next week. leaving only the leotard to be manufactured to complete this outfit.

So far i think I'm on track to have all my garments finished in time to hand in however as soon as i have ordered and collected the 120 meters of netting then I am going to start go into uni on a monday, as  nearly all of the netting needs to be cut to size and gathered down to the right lengths to create the 2 skirts and 1 underskirt.

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