Thursday, 3 May 2012


Over easter i've been working on my portfolio so I thought i'd show you some of the boards so far some still need altering and re-working to give them that extra something special, i was thinking on some of these boards to hand finish them with clear quartz crystals to give them that last finishing touch. this will depend on how much time i have before hand in.

As it turned out i didn't have that much spare time on hand in day so none of my boards had clear quartz crystals added to them :( however i was proud of what i handed in, yet i think that some boards could still do with tweaking but when its your own work you could tweak forever as you'll never be fully happy with layouts or colour. I feel that the work i produced showed off my collection and theme to the best of my ability at this point in time and i am hoping my grade shows how hard i worked on the portfolio and the file of evidence.

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