Thursday, 3 May 2012

totem animal.

my most recent totem animal is the bird, in my book there is no overview for bird so i took my information from black bird and blue bird.

Black bird :

  • let go of all you're inhibitions and sing, without concern for how it sounds or others disapproval
  • Archangel Uriel is with you, watching out for you and helping you connect with nature and nature spirits.
  • Sound healing is one of your best treatments for whatever physical or emotional ailments or maladies you experiencing.
  • The gate way to the world of non-ordinany reality is open, beckoning you to follow your true spiritual path and enhance your awareness of the nonphysical realm
  • This is a particularly auspicious time to observe and heed any signs of omens that are shown to you.
Blue bird:
  • this is a very rare and precious moment, so open up all your senses and simply enjoy this time.
  • Your so involved and bogged down with everyday events that you need to relax and lighten up.
  • take a risk and speak your truth to that special someone rather than holding back, whether expressing positive or negative feelings.
  • take some time to spend in a large open space,such as a meadow, and do a walking meditation there.
  • you're coming into your own in many different ways, so welcome this milestone with a relaxed sense of confidence and happiness.

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